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#TheOctagonYouthSpeak on NYSC

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Ayo: I guess that’s why everyone wants to serve in the city, cause you get the opportunity to practice what you studied.

Igbinoba: Exactly why it should be scrapped. The two weeks camp experience is the only thing that should be left. I believe that is enough time to meet new people and be exposed to new cultures. After that people should just go home and continue with their lives. Instead of wasting a whole year of their lives doing nothing substantial and slaving for peanuts.

Adewale: I don’t know how it’s run abroad but it’s of no importance right here in Nigeria. These people have better things to do if left alone, not worrying about NYSC. If we take a look at the present state of the country, people are not safe doing their youth service in certain locations, and yet they are still sent there all in the name of “they need to serve the nation”.

Ayo: I don’t think NYSC was created for us to practice what we learnt or studied in school or rather I think it should be more than that. If only the orientation camps made us realise the power we have to potentially add more value to the community we find ourselves in.

Ayotemide: Agreed Ayo. I think it was created to involve youths in development and to encourage unity. But how do you achieve development when useful skills are kept idle for an entire year, when there are obvious problems to be solved? All this being said, there are some people who really look forward to this programme, or even cut their ages just to ‘serve’. The benefit for them may be that they get some work experience, or that they get some pay to keep body and soul together.

Ini: NYSC can be likened to a garotte which strangulates the youth and stifles many dreams and aspirations, because it has remained the same in operation and order without regards for the trends and dynamics of the Nigerian society especially as concerns the youths. This is ironic considering the fact that 100% majority participating in the scheme are youths.

The Octagon: The assumption is that without NYSC, one cannot get a Job in Nigeria. Do you think this is true ? Do companies truly only employ NYSC grads ? If not, then why do people still feel the need to do NYSC?

Ini: This assumption is largely truly. Many companies follow this as a protocol, although I’m not aware of any clause in the constitution to back it up. When we look at it critically, it should not even be a criteria because NYSC doesn’t guarantee staff competence, loyalty, relevant experience. In fact, NYSC guarantees only one thing alone and that’s a certificate nothing more, nothing less. The bottomline is NYSC is now a pain in the neck to the youths because it has little value in this current dispensation.

Ayo: Certain companies require the certificate before employment, because they expect that during that one year, you should have gained good experience, I’m talking about hospitals primarily. I think it’s a huge mistake, because as NYSC is now, a lot people are probably not working at all, nor gaining any meaningful experience, as they are just waiting for the one year to be completed so they can get their certificates and hopefully get a job.

Ayotemide: I think most organisations in Nigeria only employ NYSC graduates. This is the reason the scheme has persisted for so long. Another reason people would want to do it anyway is the fact that it is a required qualification to hold political office. I think this was explored during the last presidential election.

Ayo: I think it’s a misatke though, cause as the nysc is now, a lot people are probably not working at all, nor gaining any meaning experience, as they are just waiting for the one year to be completed so they can get their certificates and hopefully get a job

Oyin: Some people are not even doing anything,wasting away a whole year waiting for their POP. It shouldn’t be a criteria for employment.

The Octagon: We’ve all highlighted the pros and Cons. What do we think can be done to IMPROVE the program?

Ini: As youths we ask and it’s a valid question, “why should we go spend a year in the rural area?”. If the scheme was turned into an entrepreneurial or technological boot camp it will get more positive reviews because the value of these are apparent in this times.

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