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How To Balance Parenthood & Entrepreneurship

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Labake: Yes that is it Tola. Accountability. Some job functions don’t understand time management. A Good support system helps.

Isioma: Live it to individuals to set their boundaries but create an environment where people are not afraid to ask and speak their mind.

Sam: From a business owner’s point of view this is slightly different. Especially as a startup. I think if your family life affects your work life to the detriment of your KPIs. You may be running afoul of your capacity. Either your add more capacity of change jobs.

Dami: I think also having a clear vision of how you want to end your life is key; Family intact [prayerfully one marriage], good health, devoted to God, a long list of people i have made a positive difference in their lives. This helps keep you in check.

Uju: I have to have my phone with me (face down) during work meetings. Some colleagues don’t. But it’s because I need to be accessible if my child’s school needs to reach me.

Isioma: So what I do to manage all the unforeseen circumstances. Is to turn up excellently daily so when i am away for family stuff, no one questions my dedication or delivery. E.g no chatting during work time (at least i try).I Found out that I have actually built a better personal brand at work since i had kids.

Dami: From reading everyone messages i think the thing that comes through is that this octagon room isnt about finding the way to balance family and our chase for the dream is really about how we all doing to manage it. I mean because there’s isnt really a specific “This is How it is done” way only things can be worked on to ensure we finish strong.

The octagon: Great points raised everyone. From your experience, what are some ways to manage the balance ?


Tola: Managing the balance is all about time management. I have my week planned … typical week for me – Monday to Friday 8-5 : all for the office. 6 – 11pm home , personal time, home etc. Saturdays are for my business. Sunday is home for me after church. All I’m trying to say is I have tried to be accountable for my time. This is not to say that there are no exceptions here and there. Time time time.

Labake: Like I said earlier, some jobs don’t work like that. But with a good support system, where we are deficit some one is making up for it. For me my support system has made life wonderful.

Uju: I agree. So it’s all about working with what you have. Prioritize, keep a calendar, break big projects into smaller achievable tasks. Communication (work front and with spouse/family). Here in Yankee, sometimes support system is lacking, so can be much harder, but again you make do with what you can.: I know many who outsource their actual work on the job. For the challenging tasks that will take time. Sometimes you have to buy time. Is this acceptable if their Oga finds out, probably not, but it gets the job done.

Dami: Having great friends helps, they keep me centered focused and are to call me to order. I think also realizing that i am human helps, we entrepreneurs like to think we are a different breed, but we breathe air and poop just like everyone else. So having triggers and checkpoints help. When my wife and i start to fight more frequently i realize one of my centers is out of orbit, regular health checks help there is nothing.

Sam: I think it’s called the eisenhower’s matrix for time management … That helps in planning and prioritizing. Deciphering between what’s Urgent and what’s important and finding a way to execute your planning

Isioma: Define what is balance to you for the phase you are in. If you fall short, Develop a plan to help your see-saw. Identify and Engage your support system. Shout out to grandmas. Plan your homelife like you plan your work. Schedule your market runs and set your stock trigger threshold. At work and in your business, hold yourself to excellent standards because you know you may not be tomorrow.

Tola: In all of this, I think what matters most is determining what work life balance is to you! Once you know it, aim to achieve it … Time management is very important. I have put time management into practice and works a great deal for me

Labake: I agree with time management. I also try to make the most important choice in situations.

Isioma : Select your outsourcing and delegation strategy at home and work. DAY (Do All Yourself) can kill. Do not forget to take personal time to reflect to learn more about yourself and refresh yourself.

The Octagon: Do you consider that speaking with your spouse or partner about work details helps in getting them to understand your choices when you need to be more focused on work?


Dami: There’s nothing worse than building an empire and not being around or able to enjoy it with the people who tolerated us. It’s one of the first things to do when one makes the switch, also its an ongoing discussion it never ends to help them understand.

Sam: I invest a lot time into discussing business with my wife even when she probably doesn’t care or doesn’t get it. It helps with inclusion. It also helps her be wise about when to bring up things that require attention. I also totally understand not discussing work at home, but communication and discussions don’t always mean the same thing.

Uju: Communication is huge. My hubby still makes it a point to text me, if he can, if an emergency surgery comes up, and he is late. I understand his schedule, so there really isn’t any need for it, but still appreciate it.

Labake: For me the fact that a spouse is willing to speak counts and when I feel as though I’m included in the decision process makes the sacrifice easier.

Isioma: Some people do not discuss work at home in their quest for balance. Choices! Commotion occurs when there is no communication with your support system. Accepting more roles and international roles due without engaging your support system.

The Octagon: Can you share your final thoughts on this


Tola: Prioritize, be accountable, communicate and manage your time – makes the balance work.

Dami: I think my final anchor is God, i ask and trust that He helps me make it when its all said and done. I am however committed to making it work so I do my part. Thanks guys insightful, there was a lot to pick up. Alright guys nice meeting you, Drops red cup, Mic and walks out.

Uju: In conclusion, i will say that it’s important to prioritize, set realistic goals, and work together with your spouse to achieve them. Prayer for me seals it all. Thanks everyone! Go and keep being great!

Sam: I’d finalize with my point of view as an entrepreneur, you must understand the season you’re in and help your partner understand too, then work together as a unit to navigate. Have a great day all!! Been good.

Isioma: Like a fountain, you need to be fed to be able to give out. Take time to discover yourself, refresh yourself, define your life KPIs and live it. Give feedback to your corporate organisations to help them make the desired changes and Support your colleagues to live not just to deliver work. Invite them out. I am at the playground now with my kids. This is what i need now! It was really nice. Please share how these discussions change your lives. if any change happens.

The Octagon: Thank you for taking time out to be a part of this conversation.


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