How it works

Here is how the simple 5 step process works;
A topic is selected:
The octagon team are continuously collating discussion topics with the capability of generating high value conversations. The final topics/subject matters selected to be deliberated on within the rooms are chosen after a series of survey are carried out.
Guests are chosen
The topics form the grounds for which guests are chosen on the octagon . It is imperative that the people chosen have the ability to openly articulate thier views/opinions on the subject. This can be either as a result of the fact that they have had years of experience or are key drivers in that industry.
Guests are invited: Selected guests are not told who they will be meeting up with in the discussion room. They are invited to a either a chatroom or physical location. The timing for the meet up will be agreed to by all parties. Guests will be given an idea about the topic to be discussed in the form of a statement.
The Chat: For discussions that occur in the octagon chatroom via WhatsApp, guests will be added 30 minutes ahead of meet up time and the conversation will proceed for 1 hour after which all members will be removed from the room. The topic will be introduced by the octagon and conversation steered in some cases. For discussions at the octagon studio, guests will be asked to be seated 30 minutes ahead of time and then the recorded conversation will proceed for an hour.
Sharing the chat
Transcripts, podcasts or video clips from the chatroom will then be shared on as the public is invited to get enlightened by it and further the discussion with questions or contributions.


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